Google Me? Research suggests social push by the Chocolate Factory

In a killer 216-slides-with-footnotes presentation posted on SlideShare, Google UX researcher Paul Adams laid out the full gamut of challenges for today’s web designers. It’s a topic of great importance for every product designer, interface designer, web startup and social media consultant struggling with social groups in the online space.

There is speculation that this may indicate a push by Google to release ‘Google Me’; their social media (a-la Facebook) platform. Kevin Rose (of Fame) tweeted a rather cryptic rumor, citing a ‘very credible source’ that Google have been working on ‘Me’…

It appears that Google Buzz was a bit of a FAIL; this coupled with the exponential growth that Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, et. al. have experienced over the last few weeks/months/years may explain various sources highlighting that Google are dedicating a rather large team to this project.

Ze plot thickens…

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