jolicloud 1.0 – REVIEW

As my girlfriend is the proud owner of a Samsung N210 netbook; i found myself itching to test out Jolicloud; an OS designed entirely for Netbooks. Jolicloud 1.0 is the most recent ‘cloud-based’ operating system; it is built on an Ubuntu 9.04 build and is stripped down for lightness and speed. The essence of Jolicloud is ‘keep things online’; a harkback to the days when cloud-based computing was still in it’s infancy.

Base installation was a doddle; the netbook already had Windows 7 on it; Jolicloud’s installer merely installs it alongside the native OS and modifies the boot .ini file to give you the option to fire up Jolicloud or Windows 7.

Once installed (and created a login for Jolicloud), you’re away!. Below is a screenshot of the main interface:

With much of today’s ‘app’ based society, Jolicloud is no different; it has access to hundreds of apps, all optimised for speed. Simply browse the categories for what you need and add to your collection. I personally feel it should come with Firefox by default (probably due to my web dev status) but it’s so easy to add things, i hardly noticed.

There’s provision for lots of online storage, as well as localised access to disk (kind of defeats the point of cloud computing though). I’m sure there’s absolutely tons of features that i’ve not even played with yet, but given the simplicity and usability of Jolicloud, i’m sure its going to be a contender for ‘Cloud Crown’. Next up: Google Chrome OS…

If you’ve got a Netbook, why the fudge aren’t you using Jolicloud?? Give it a whirl today!

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