MacExpo Rocked!

Well i may sound like a bit of a nerd… I was in hardware heaven!!! So many quality pieces of kit (was drooling over Mac Pro tiling 16 HD streams at one time!!) It was also great to see so many of the big guns (Apple, Google, HP, Sony) turn out and wave their flags…

I managed to wanlge my way into the Quark launch event of their new product ‘Quark Interactive Designer’; think of it like a cross between flash and PowerPoint, but is far more simplistic to use. It also integrates heavily with QuarkXPress, and seemed to generate a huge amount of interest.

 I came back from the event sporting loads of goodies (Google sweets for one!) and also a subscription to MacUser (thanks to the rather attractive rep for the magazine that sold me a subscription!) and all in all it was a rather sucessful trip! i look forward to the next event!

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  1. Sprog says: is lookin nice dood!

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