Blueprint CSS

I’ve been wanting a way to develop a html framework that is extensible and highly redeployable for some time now. I tend to re-use a lot of my CSS and common techniques are redeployed across a number of projects. I stumbled upon Blueprint CSS yesterday and i must say i am definately impressed with it… It takes a distinct amount of technical knowledge but once the basics are learnt, it gives the developer a massive boost in productivity….

Field Validation JS

the guys over at Smashing Magazine have a post on 40 Useful Javascript Libraries which mentions a javascript library called LiveValidation.

LiveValidation is a lightweight library that equips you with set of validation functions. Besides the classic validation methods, the library has a powerful live validation feature that controls the fields as you type. Ruby on Rails developers will find it very easy to use because the naming conventions and parameters are very similar. It is a stand-alone library but has a Prototype version, too.

Out of all the js libraries available, I have found this one to be most useful… it is highly extensible, lightweight, and is also is widely supported… Check it out today!