jolicloud 1.0 – REVIEW

As my girlfriend is the proud owner of a Samsung N210 netbook; i found myself itching to test out Jolicloud; an OS designed entirely for Netbooks. Jolicloud 1.0 is the most recent ‘cloud-based’ operating system; it is built on an Ubuntu 9.04 build and is stripped down for lightness and speed. The essence of Jolicloud is ‘keep things online’; a harkback to the days when cloud-based computing was still in it’s infancy.


Multivariate email testing from Communicator Corp.

Watched a webinar today from Communicator Corp, introducing their new A/B testing of emails. Very slick… Premise is essentially the same as multivariate testing of websites (a-la Google’s Website Optimiser) – you create two emails, load them into the system, it then sends to a percentage of your total subscription list, shows you which one is better received… then you can send the best performing email to the rest of your recipients.

This may seem very contrite, but the ability to test your emails on-the-fly almost guarantees an uplift in your readership!

Thanks to Rebeca at Communicator Corp; Glad to see that they are pushing this platform forward!

wierd metatag problem

I stumbled across this problem whilst editing some pages at work; I was using Notepad++ to edit some html and css files (that came from a Visual Studio project) and when i was previewing the build in Firefox, i noticed a gap at the top of the page – on closer inspection i found that they were caused by three ASCII characters (¡<¿)

Asking one of the developers we found that removing the following metatag from the code (meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=text/html;  charset=ISO-8859-1) also removed the problem… After a bit of digging we replaced the metatag and found that swapping the document encoding between UTF-8 to ANSI could essentially turn on and off the problem… The developer in question suggested that Visual SourceSafe (where the file came from) may have corrupted the document at a binary level, so a replication of the file eliminated the problem…

Ze plot thickens….

MacExpo Rocked!

Well i may sound like a bit of a nerd… I was in hardware heaven!!! So many quality pieces of kit (was drooling over Mac Pro tiling 16 HD streams at one time!!) It was also great to see so many of the big guns (Apple, Google, HP, Sony) turn out and wave their flags…

I managed to wanlge my way into the Quark launch event of their new product ‘Quark Interactive Designer’; think of it like a cross between flash and PowerPoint, but is far more simplistic to use. It also integrates heavily with QuarkXPress, and seemed to generate a huge amount of interest.

 I came back from the event sporting loads of goodies (Google sweets for one!) and also a subscription to MacUser (thanks to the rather attractive rep for the magazine that sold me a subscription!) and all in all it was a rather sucessful trip! i look forward to the next event!

Mac Expo comes to the UK! and i’m going!!

Mac Expo

I’m off to London on Thursday to visit Mac Expo… yay! The UK’s leading exhibition and conference for the Mac community opens its doors open to both creative professionals and the public the show is the annual celebration of everything Mac and iPod.

Personally i can’t wait!!!!